Monday, May 20, 2013

Carbon Fibre Road Show 2013- Sika South Africa

With over 250 guests attending our regional Carbon Fibre Road Show between 6-9 May 2013, Sika SA can safely say that the event was a resounding success. The Road Show was held in KZN, Port Elizabeth, Western Cape and Gauteng. Special guest speakers, experts in the Construction Industry, gave presentations on the successful project that involved Sika Carbon Fibre Products; Sika Carbodur and SikaWrap.
Wayne Smithers, Technical Manager- Sika SA, also gave a presentation explaining the benefits of tried and tested reinforcing products.
Gauteng- Demonstrating the strength of a Carbon Fibre reinforced slab of concrete (left) compared to untreated (right) where there is apparent buckling.

Gauteng attendance reaching over 125 guests

Wayne Smithers- Technical Manager
KZN- Sika staff and guest Speakers (Ken Brown & Mike Hildyard)
KZN- Social gathering prior to presentations

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