Monday, July 30, 2012

Sika South Africa Commits to Responsible Care 2012

Friday 13th July was a lucky day for Sika when the Responsible Care Public Commitment was re-signed by MD Paul Adams and witnessed by the staff contingent at Head Office. 

Responsible Care is an initiative of the global chemical industry in which companies, through their national associations (CAIA in South Africa), commit to work together to continuously improve:

  • the health and safety of their workers
  • their environmental performance
  • their communication with stakeholders

Responsible Care was launched in Canada in 1985 and South Africa joined this global initiative in 1994 and now has 146 signatory members plus 13 consultant members. Today Responsible Care is practiced in 53 countries.

Sika has committed to implementing the responsible care guiding principles, codes and practices and asks that all staff contribute to this commitment by:
Putting safety first, being committed to sustainability, transporting dangerous good safely, implanting a waste management programme, sharing information, protecting the environment, saving the earth for future generations, being concerned about their community, communicating with their stakeholders and co-operating with each other.

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